Supply & Installation


We’re big on installations! Getting IT right from the start saves hundreds of pounds as well as heart ache. Staff feel the benefit of the new systems from day one rather than have a hard fight to make it through the change.

We can advise of specification and project management. We can provide the necessary equipment and software. We can supply the technicians to put it all together properly, first time. We can provide training and on site assistance to get the system bedded down. We can liaise with other suppliers (telephone, internet, photocopiers, etc) to ensure that all your business systems work together.

In short, we can take the hassle out of IT.

We know what works and how it works. We buy direct from the suppliers (HP, Microsoft, etc.) so our prices are cheaper than high street prices. We provide real world solutions that take into account real world budgets and will be used by real world workers.